Engineering and Technical NDE/NDT Services & Products

TD NDE provides a comprehensive array of engineering and technical non-destructive evaluation services and products. We are dedicated to Advanced Automated Ultrasonic and Vision Systems and Solutions for the aerospace and manufacturing industries. With over 25 years of experience in automated NDE systems, we offer innovative affordable solutions to complex inspections and measurements  that are optimized and integrated into your operations and production. Our expertise includes complex 3D contour following, NDT simulation, scan plan automation, data analysis, and automated, manual and semi-automated ultrasonic and vision system design and manufacturing.

The TD NDE activities can be grouped within four main multidisciplinary thematic areas:

NDT Technical Support

We can provide technical support and expertize in NDE. These services range from on-site consulting, application solutions, data analysis, feasibility studies and research and development.

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Automated UT Inspections

Our services include immersion inspection at our site. Inspections can be performed with Phased Array or conventional ultrasonic inspections using the most advanced or the most appropriate ultrasonic techniques.

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UT and Vision Products

Automated ultrasonic and vision systems and solutions  are designed and manufactured to your specifications. In addition, upgrades of your systems to new technologies can be performed to maximize your investment. Most importantly systems are not off-the-shelf, but built to meet your needs.

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NDT Feasibility studies and R&D

TD  NDE performs feasibility studies, research and development in ultrasonic and vision to solve challenging applications. With our network of partners work includes beam simulation, imaging, consultancy, auditing, software and hardware development.

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Ultrasonic Scanning Systems

Light Duty Immersion Systems

Customized Ultrasonic Inspection Systems – Manual & Automated

Digital Vision Systems


Digital Vision System

Automated UT Thickness

Automated UT Thickness Measurements

Wireless Ultrasonic Measurements on a CNC machine

Ultrasonic Software

Set-UP display